Tissuville’s world is a world of luxury and authenticity, empowering accessories created to evoke celebration, for those who conquer more and who forge a compelling story with the statement pieces they wear.

Tissuville as the brand’s name has a narration of its own. “Tissu”- means, fabric web – that is binded- (in French) and “Ville”- means Town (in French).

The essence of Tissuville is based in the connection we create and build with the world, the journey that we take on board to “conquer more”.

Tissuville is a brand rooted in symbolisms, the Tissuville Gryphon; a creature part eagle part lion with maracas is a key trademark, it embodies freedom, courage and flow.

Launched in 2019, the brand itself started its own journey in Stockholm 2011. A manifestation of creativity and emotions, founder and designer Alegría Grifdal recalls the moment Tissuville came to be the most vivid. “An intense need to express a lot of emotions, to create just took over myself. My head was just filling up with ideas, designs, and many pleasant feelings, I required to make it all tangible” says Alegría.

A journey to discover, to learn and source the best materials, as well as to master the best artisanal techniques took years to brew, resulting in one of a kind pieces, with intricate work and at the same time a simplicity of an object of art that transmits conclusively.

The essence of Tissuville is represented by a place we all have within. A place that belongs to us; a place where we belong.

We create this place when we experience and learn, when we conquer more.

In the ever-constant cycle of life, we must celebrate. Maybe because of achievement, maybe just because.

We create our rituals in the stories we collect. Whether they are true is irrelevant; they are ours.

Though We are nomadic, We take root.
We fly through the sky, We cross the Earth.
The jaunty lullaby of a maraca
Remains with us.

We dare to conquer, and build.
We renew,
We revere, and gracefully share
Life's majesty.