Meghan Scott

Before moving to Stockholm in 2011, Meghan Scott spent a year in London and worked alongside the Editor-in-Chief of award winning fashion publication, Plastique Magazine. In 2012 now in Stockholm Sweden, she joined Odalisque Magazine as Fashion Director, and has recently added Managing editor and partner to her title. She also continues to work freelance for designers and fashion brands such as Tissuville.

So Meghan you have been styling for many years in NYC, London, and are originally from Canada. You now call Stockholm your home for many years. What brought you here?
I came to Stockholm for Love, and when I had my beautiful little girl it finally made it my home.

What are your professional goals?
It’s a secret. It has to do with focusing on humanity and mother nature.

What inspires you?
So much, but mainly keeping my child healthy and happy. I also get inspired when I’m a part of a creative team and the outcome is even better than what I expected. It makes me want more, more, more!

I love stacking bracelets, I love the color options and the luxury feel of them.

Who are you favorite designers of all time? And of the moment
Alexander McQueen, Yves St. Laurent, Cristobal Balenciaga and basically all the pioneers and nostalgic. Right now I’m super obsessed (again) with Mary Kantaranzou. I also am pretty much into everything the Creative Director Nicola Formeccetti has his hands on. I really love the smaller local designers; Arethé, F.A.S, Berrgen Studios and Me and My Homies

Where do you see fashion going over the next few years? Do you think we will see a lot more 3d printing?
I see a lot of innovation with fabrics and yes, 3-d printing, so cool, I’d love to learn how make cool stuff with that, like really cool custom shoes or something. I see too, that people are becoming more and more conscious about their purchases, choosing designers they can connect with on a personal level which is whats so cool about Tissuville.

How did you feel wearing Tissuville accessories for yourself? For our blog/journal section, and using them for the Campaign and video as our fashion Editor?
For myself, I love stacking bracelets, I love the color options and the luxury feel of them. For the campaign and video, again, I love a nice stack, so I felt like taking advantage of the popping colours against the muted tones. I love to clash and complement colours and patterns at the same time. It was fun!

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